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I live in a state that has approved medical marijuana/cannabis. In IL, you must qualify as a patient if your doctor agrees that you suffer from a listed condition. Below are the list of conditions:

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Most IL doctors will not approve medical marijuana to patients because their large corporate employer has condemned under their policy. How do doctors follow their Hippocratic Oath? How do doctors walk away from free lunches, dinners, gifts, trips, and other incentives from the large pharmaceutical companies? How do doctors continue to practice without understanding and learning about the endocannabinoid system (1992 discovery) as it’s not taught in any medical schools?

After contemplating these questions, why even apply for a medical marijuana/cannabis card? In IL, you will pay over $500 in application fees and expenses, have fingerprints and background checks conducted then wait 3-6 months for a decision (no refund if denied). If you’re lucky enough to get your card, you will then be faced with high prices and a requirement to select a specific dispensary (only one place to purchase).

But wait…a much more affordable and possibly effective option exists. On December 20th, Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing all hemp products in the US.  Hemp = cannabis sativa L.

With full spectrum USA grown hemp products available at HuxHemp (3714 N. Southport), customers can obtain phytocannabinoids that interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system. These cannabinoids (often generalized as CBD), can help the body heal from many issues. The products at HuxHemp contain more cannabinoids than a traditional medical marijuana dispensary. All of the products will contain trace amounts or zero THC, so nothing sold at HuxHemp will be intoxicating as traditional marijuana.  

There are numerous studies showing CBD as an effective treatment for many issues. With no side-effects and tremendous “word-of-mouth” reviews, please take some time to do your own research. The US National Library of Medicine posts the most current studies on CBD here.

All the products at HuxHemp are US grown and processed, 3rd party tested and created to help people’s overall health. Sleep, anxiety and pain are the most common issues customers are seeking CBD & their feedback has been astounding with many relieved believers. All welcome.

**If you have visited a doctor for pain and been prescribed opiates in 2019, there is one new option that still requires a few hoops to jump through. The IL Alternative to Opiates Pilot Program details can be found here.

Russell Huxhold