Since opening HuxHemp 1 year ago, I have been consuming 30 - 100mg of CBD - full spectrum hemp oil supplements on a daily basis. As owner, I need to fully understand all my products for safety and efficacy. Using them is the best way to learn. 

Wow, have I been impressed with the overall results.  

Biggest Physical Gain: Cognitive

If you played football in high school or college/pro and consistently had head-to-head contact, you have a very good chance of developing CTE later in life. I played 4 years of high school football as a center, where I was subject to about 250 days of solid head-to-head contact. I am 99% certain that I have been affected by CTE.

Cannabinoids are a neuroprotectant (the US Government holds patent #6,630,507) and that is why my brain has had the greatest improvement. 

When speaking, I no longer have problems stringing together complex words where I had struggled in the past. Since I don’t spend time remembering the word, I speak more fluently than in the past. I think more clearly and don’t experience excess “noise”, which increases my level of focus. Bottom line; CBD has helped immensely. 

Most Consistent Relief: Anxiety

THC gets you high, CBD gets you by. By helping control and slow the breakdown of anandamide and 2-AG, cannabinoids increase the feeling of happiness, block pain and reduce inflammation. Full spectrum CBD products have shown to lower anxiety and depression as reported in many clinical studies.

Quickest Relief: Pain

If consumed via vape, smoke or through the skin in a lotion, cannabinoids act very quickly in helping ease pain. In under 5 minutes, effects can be felt. By improving the communication network, less pain is experienced. 

Recently my plantar fasciitis has become extremely painful. Applying a CBDa lotion gives almost immediate relief from pain lowering it from a 10 to a 4. No other product can deliver such immediate results. 

Most Effective: Gut Issues

Every morning I take a 20mg full spectrum capsule with coffee. Not only do I get an array of cannabinoids and terpenes, but the medicine becomes most effective at the troubled area helping almost immediately through the digestive process. Caffeine can cause many stomach issues (as it did me in the past) but CBD reduces inflammation and bacteria (CBG in particular) in the gut while improving the intestinal lining. 

Most Consistent: Sleep

When I consume CBD sleep and relaxation tinctures before bed, I always sleep much better than when I do not. If increased sleep leads to many health benefits and if full spectrum CBD oil aids in sleep, using it can also lead to better health. Less anxiety (especially at night) will increase your ability to find peace and tranquility for improved sleep. 

“Better sleep” is usually the returning customer’s most common feedback remark.

Biggest Surprise: Migraines

If you suffer from migraines, you may be familiar with the following symptoms: extreme pulsating pain in the central brain region, visual auras, nausea, sensitivity to sound and light, chills and overall achiness for hours. Well, those all go away with the help of CBDa. This cannabinoid was able to relieve the pulsating pain in 30 minutes. I could actually feel the tension dissipate as I lay in bed after taking a 30mg CBDa tincture drop. I was walking around fully functional after 1 hour versus a 6 - 8 hours ordeal. I did not throw up for the first time in years!

CBDa can be up to ten times more powerful than CBD in relieving nausea and pain.

Russell Huxhold