CBD experiences: No you can't overdose on CBD gummies

“What are the side-effects of CBD (full spectrum hemp oil)?”

“What happens if I take too much CBD (full spectrum hemp oil)?”

These are the 2 questions I get asked frequently by customers new to CBD and hemp derived health products. I opened HuxHemp to provide answers to questions like these and so here are my answers.

The side-effects of using full spectrum hemp oil products are happiness, less pain and anxiety, and better digestion, sleep and skin. All the side-effects associated with CBD are positive. There are no negative aspects of using this all natural product. HuxHemp offers only lab tested and reviewed products so all are safe of pesticides or other harmful compounds. Remember to stay hydrated as hemp removes toxins from the body.

If you consume too much CBD you may have an experience similar to mine. It’s currently 12:30pm on a Saturday in January and I just consumed 12 Infused Edibles 9mg CBD cherry bombs and have a CBD tea steeping, so I anticipate I’ll consume about 133mg of CBD (and other cannabinoids) in one hour. That would be about 5-7x’s the recommended amount for anxiety and stress - my largest issue. I would consider this amount to be too much CBD so let’s see what happens….

It’s now 1:15pm and I feel fine. 1:30 and I’m a little more relaxed. My legs feel a bit heavy and I’d probably lay down to nap if at home. It’s also snowing and quite dark outside so some weather affects may be adding to the drowsiness. Btw, CBD works as a counter agent to THC so if you ever get “too high” take some CBD to balance out - use a tincture oil or vape pen for faster effects.

2pm - no change. 3pm - no change. Overall, I’m fine but I don’t have the energy, happiness, and focus I have after consuming just 2 (18mg of CBD).

Also, I found consuming 12 gummies was not needed for sweet cravings. The cherry bombs are very flavorful so just a couple should suffice.

Russell Huxhold