CBD experiences: Migraines

This morning it was starting to happen again. For the third time in a month, I woke to the beginning of a migraine located in my left frontal lobe. The previous two episodes didn’t end well. In both, I was unable to locate any CBD tincture oil in treatment so I reluctantly swallowed an Advil (Tylenol the second time). Within a matter of minutes, I was running to the bathroom to throw up as my migraines always bring along nausea. After throwing up the pills and other liquids, my head pain was an 11 - out of 10.

An hour of agony followed with me icing my pulsating head, throwing up some more and finally falling asleep where I eventually awoke to get the store opened. The store? Yes, I own Huxhemp which is a CBD apothecary and hemp dietary supplement store located in Chicago’s trendy and fun Southport Corridor. I offer an array of high-quality USA grown and processed products aimed at improving overall health. 3714 N. Southport Ave Chicago, IL 60613

Well, I guess the third time is a charm. This morning, I had a relatively new product in my possession - Live CBD Resin tincture drops. These tincture drops are processed in a special way to produce more


Live Resin CBD

High terpenes with unactived cannabinoids

unactivated cannabinoids (CBDA, THCA, CBGA, CBCA, …) with a higher terpene (myrcene, a-pinene, limonene, linalool, b-caryophllyene, …) count.

I’ll cover cannabinoids and terpenes in a future post. Quickly, cannabinoids and terpenes interact with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is a newly-discovered (1992) complex network inside your body where cells communicate through neurotransmitters. Phyto-cannabinoids from hemp can replace damaged endo-cannabinoids (body) restoring your body’s ECS.

Tinctures have been used for over 100 years and are now produced in a very healthy manner. Cannabinoids and terpenes need an agent to bind and these tinctures use coconut oil giving the drops a very pleasant taste. To take, simply hold under the tongue for a minute or drop into liquids. Within minutes of holding under the tongue (longer if drinking), the cannabinoids enter the bloodstream and begin to work their wonders.

This morning I placed a full dropper of CBD Live Resin drops under my tongue on the onset of a migraine episode. Within 3 minutes I could feel the tension begin to dissipate and within 20 minutes I was fully functional. 2 HOURS! I gained 2 extra hours of productivity because I wasn’t in agony attempting to sleep off the pain. Wow, imagine avoiding all that agony with a few drops!

I don’t know if the unactivated cannabinoids or special terpene mix were the agent providing relief - I guess we’ll need more products and reviews to understand. As for the agent causing the migraines, pizza was present in all 3 episodes :(

For now, I will always keep a bottle of CBD Live Resin drops in my medicine cabinet to combat any future migraine or headache. I recommend you do the same if faced with migraines and as always, do your own research at Project CBD