CBD experiences: ADHD/ADD

Hundreds of controlled studies involving more than 6,000 children, adolescents and adults have been conducted to determine the effects of psycho-stimulant medications—far more research evidence than is available for virtually any other medication (excluding hemp & cannabis).

Interestingly, no studies exist today on the long-term (2+ year) use of psycho-stimulant medications - how long have you (or your children) been on Ritalin, Adderall or Dexedrine?

from the manufacturer’s FAQ

from the manufacturer’s FAQ

Any medication that has numerous side-effects, a chance of dying, or isn’t tested for a long-period of time must be investigated as the risks outweigh the rewards. Don’t forget:



When I was taking a generic version of Adderall for adult ADD years ago, I found it to be a very effective stimulant (the drug’s intent). It gave me enough energy to focus and accomplish a goal. The problem I experienced (and others’ I have read about) was the tunnel-vision the drug also caused. This tunnel-vision makes empathy difficult since you’re too focused on your own goals. Big picture views were uncommon and only short-term thoughts were acted upon. I felt my mental abilities were being harmed and decided to stop taking any pharmaceutical drug.  

Luckily, I did the research and learned about the unbelievable success people were experiencing using CBD (hemp oil) to treat their ADHD/ADD symptoms. I find CBD to have great calming effects allowing the “noise” to dissipate creating a sense of focus and clarity.

CBD is a healthy replacement option for pharmaceutical medicines created in a lab. The CBD molecule found in the hemp and cannabis plant have been tested for over 5,000 years with minimal side-effects and no chance of death or harm.

Why not try a natural product for your (children’s) ADHD/ADD symptoms?  

These plant molecules are called phytocannabinoids and in 1992, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, discovered a system in the body called the Endocannabinoid System. So taking cannabinoids from a plant is a natural way of replenishing damaged or missing endocannabinoids from the body. This is why CBD is so effective in helping many issues - most are linked & have inflammation as the root cause.  CBD is a terrific anti-inflammatory agent and shows great promise in treating anxiety, PTSD, ADHD/ADD, and other social behavioral issues.

To help treat ADHD/ADD symptoms, use a full-spectrum hemp supplement product in these dose recommendations (stress & anxiety dosing levels):

Children (under 12):  2 - 10 mg

Teens (under 18):      5 - 20 mg

Small Adult:               5 - 20 mg

Medium Adult:          10 - 30 mg

Large Adult:             15 - 40 mg

*** sometimes less is more.  With CBD, doses at higher levels may be more beneficial for pain management then for mood issues, so plan accordingly. All products have dosing information and as always, start low and add if needed. Sublingual tinctures can be felt in 10-20 minutes.