CBD information: Cannabinoids

The other day, a customer entered Huxhemp and walked over to the display of numerous hemp oil tinctures, often referred to as CBD oil. He gestures to the multiple tincture bottles.

“So, what’s the difference between this and … you know… (he gestures again; this time of smoking a joint)?”

“Weed?” I ask.

“Yes” responds the customer.

I nod as to confirm that I understand the question.

“Ok, let’s take a step back”, I say.  The hemp and cannabis plant produce these compounds called phytocannabinoids or just cannabinoids. You’ve probably heard of the most popular, THC?”

He answers, “yes.”  

“Well, the second most popular compound and the one that possess the most medical properties is called CBD, or Cannabidiol. In the hemp plant, the CBD compound is the most abundant. In cannabis, THC is the most abundant and CBD is nearly non-existent in most strains. CBD is non-intoxicating so you won’t get high”

I believe the future of cannabinoid medicine is to maximize other cannabinoids and use THC to magnify some effects. This will be an upcoming educational talk held at the store. For now, this chart of major cannabinoids found in the hemp and cannabis plants detail their vast medicinal possibilities.

Waiting for a medical cannabis card?  Don’t, stop in and try possible remedies now!

Waiting for a medical cannabis card? Don’t, stop in and try possible remedies now!

“The Endocannabinoid System or ECS,” I continue, “is present in humans and animals. This system enables communication between cells allowing for homeostasis. Our ECS produces endocannabinoids naturally in a healthy state. Age, stress, and other outside factors can disrupt this production of endocannabinoids leading to a deficiency. Luckily, the phytocannabinoids produced in the hemp and cannabis plant can be used to perfectly replenish the lack of endocannabinoids in the body.”

The customer nods as he understands what he is learning.

“The cannabinoid, CBD, has tremendous anti-inflammatory properties. Almost all health problems (anxiety, pain, skin issues, …) are caused by inflammation so this seems like a perfect remedy for many issues.” I continue with more information, “CBN helps with sleep, CBG for bacteria, CBC for certain cancer cells.”

“Are there any side-effects or can I overdose?”, he asks.

“No, you cannot overdose. If you consume this whole bag of gummies (I hold up a 1000mg bag), you’ll just get really relaxed and probably fall asleep.” I respond.

The customer happily purchased a 500mg full-spectrum (all plant cannabinoids) tincture bottle priced well below the $50 average (500mg tincture) at only $36.

“Just as you are told to drink water after a massage, do the same with hemp supplements. Hemp removes toxins from the body - just like the massage - so keep hydrated!” I remind the customer as he heads toward the door to exit.

“Thank you,” he says as the door shuts at 3714 N. Southport Ave.

Russell Huxhold